Best time to visit Turkmenistan and other Central Asia countries
Spring and autumn seasons considered as the best time to visit Turkmenistan and other countries of Central Asia region. But it depends on where you plan to go and what activities you wish to do there. The most part of Turkmenistan has a cold desert climate with very hot, dry summers and cool, short winters. […]
Old Nisa Fortress
The Nisa Fortress, located near the city of Ashgabat in Turkmenistan, is an ancient archaeological site that holds great historical and cultural significance. Here are some key details about the Nisa Fortress: The Nisa Fortress, also known as Parthaunisa, was the capital of the Parthian Empire, an ancient kingdom that existed from the 3rd century […]
Red dress in Turkmen culture
According to Turkmen legend, the red dress has a special significance in the culture. The story goes that long ago, there was a beautiful young Turkmen girl who lived in a village. She was known for her stunning red dress that she wore every day. One day, a powerful and wealthy sultan came to the […]
Traditional hunting with falcons in Turkmenistan
The tradition and custom of hunting with falcons have left an indelible mark on the life of the people of Turkmenistan and are part of the nation’s spiritual roots. “Gushchy” is what falconers have been called in Turkmenistan since ancient times. Hunting with birds of prey is a pursuit for agile, daring, wise, and persistent […]
Seyit Jamal-ad-Din Mosque in Anau (Anew)
A few kilometers east of Ashgabat, next to modern Anau, the administrative center of the Ahal velayat, lie the magnificent ruins of the Seyit Jamal ad-Din mosque. Once there was a complex consisting of four structures: the mosque itself, the buildings above the tombstone in front of the mosque, and two large buildings with high […]