Mary regional museum
The Mary regional museum was initially opened in 1984 in a large brick building constructed in 1908 and said originally to belong to a Russian brick factory owner
Ovliya - "sacred" places in Turkmenistan
vliya (from Turkmen, Arabic auliya' - "saints") is the most common name for "sacred" places in Turkmenistan. There are at least 700 "sacred" places in the country, from twenty to thirty or more in each of its etraps (districts).
The legend of Kyrkgyz Cave
The famous cave-grotto "Kyrkgyz" ("Forty Girls"), the vault of which is decorated with a huge number of colorful ribbons, each of which is someone's innermost desire.
Turkmen children
Turkmen children grow up in families that value the traditions and culture of their people. They attend schools where both Turkmen language and general education subjects are taught. In addition, children can participate in extracurricular activities and clubs where they engage in sports, music, or art.
Red dress in Turkmen culture
According to Turkmen legend, the red dress has a special significance in the culture. The story goes that long ago, there was a beautiful young Turkmen girl who lived in a village. She was known for her stunning red dress that she wore every day. One day, a powerful and wealthy sultan came to the […]