Repetek Nature Reserve
The Repetek Nature Reserve, located about 540 km from Ashgahabt, is one of the most beautiful places in the Karakum desert. It is located in the Eastern Kara Kum about 70 km to the south west from the city of Turkmenabat (Chardjou) the centre of the Lebap region.
Golden jackal in Turkmenistan
The golden jackal also known as common jackal, is a wolf-like canid that is found throughout most of the territory of Turkmenistan with the exception of the most arid part of the Karakum Desert.
Corsac fox in Turkmenistan
The corsac fox, also known simply as the corsac, is widespread in Central Asian countries from the Caspian Sea in the west to China in the east.
Yellow ground squirrel (Spermophilus fulvus)
Yellow ground squirrel is a large and sturdy type of ground squirrel, widespread in the territory of Turkmenistan and other countries of Central Asia.
Amazing place Khojapil
Khojapil is an amazing place with a whole collection of attractions. Most of all, among the natural monuments here, the Dinosaur Plateau is impressive. From time immemorial, the imprints of the footprints with which the mountain plateau is "dotted" have excited the imagination - what kind of monster left them?
Mount Airybaba
The highest point of the Koytendag mountain range, one of the spurs of the Gissar Range bordering the southeastern border of Turkmenistan, is Mount Airybaba. It is not only the highest point of this mountain range, but also of all the mountain systems of Turkmenistan. Its height is 3139 meters above sea level.
The legend of Kyrkgyz Cave
The famous cave-grotto "Kyrkgyz" ("Forty Girls"), the vault of which is decorated with a huge number of colorful ribbons, each of which is someone's innermost desire.
Turkestan sand cat
The Turkestan sand cat known by the scientific name Felis margarita thinobia is a common spicie of wild cat in Central Asia. It is also native to deserts in the Arabian Peninsula, Israel, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Pakistan.