Mud Volcano Akpatlavuk
На юго-западе Туркменистана действует один из самых активных и крупных грязевых вулканов на планете - Акпатлавук.
In the midst of Turkmenistan's blazing summers, you'll spot something intriguing – elderly Turkmen men donning colossal fur hats. These Telpeks, born from centuries of tradition, are more than just headgear; they're woven into the very fabric of Turkmen culture.
The story of Görogly
When a boy is born into a Turkmen family, they say: "Görogly yasyny yasasyn!" which translates to "May he live as long as Görogly". Do you have a similar wish or saying in your culture?
Novruz Spring Holiday in Turkmenistan
The National Spring Holiday – the International Day of Novruz is celebrated in Turkmenistan with vibrant folklore and ethnical performances, traditional songs and dances, cooking of the national cuisine dishes.
The Sultan Sanjar Mausoleum was built in the ancient Silk Road oasis city of Merv in the 12th century. Believed to be the largest city in the world, Merv boasted a population of over one million in medieval times.
Yumurtga Borek, also known as ‘dumplings with egg’, is a traditional dish from Central Asia, particularly popular in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.