Through years of hard work in the travel sphere, we have gained a reputation of a company offering products that meet the demands of a wide audience of travellers, offering standard and tailor-made tours, which, despite differences, are comprised of only high quality services. We are also known for efficient, well-reasoned, and timely reaction to the changes and unexpected situations that, though not always positive, are unavoidable.

Many of our tours are designed to reveal outstanding archaeological and architectural monuments that are literally scattered all over our country, as well as on clear and understandable presentation of the original Turkmen culture. Our typical Silk Road tour includes visits to impressive UNESCO World Heritage monuments and excavation sites, museums and interpretation centres exhibiting most important finds and objects of high artistic value. Led by hospitable, experienced, and knowledgeable guides, who have all been trained in our company, such tours give visitors an insight into the history, culture, and even soul of the Turkmen culture that developed under a strong influence of the Silk Road exchange.

These tours are almost never the same and are tailored to meet the aspirations of a particular customer. Making their way down the main east-west highway or beaten off-road track, such tours are designed to give our guests an opportunity to check their courage, strength, persistence and purposefulness. No matter whether travelling on foot or on a 4×4 vehicle, by bicycle or motorbike, our office workers, guides and drivers fulfil their daily tasks not only to give clients an opportunity to test themselves, but also to do it in the safest and most exciting way.

Please feel free to contact us to tailor a tour for you!