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Ancient Merv

Ancient Merv

The biggest archaeological site in Central Asia, Merv played an important part in the versatile Silk Road exchange for more than 2 000 years. Within the limits of the archaeological park, which is...

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Old Nisa

Old Nisa

The site of the earliest Parthian Empire capital, Nisa can be regarded a cradle of the unique Hellenistic (Greek) culture. Located in an atmospheric area on an irregular pentagon hill, at the foot...

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Once a glorious capital of the medieval Khorezmshah Empire, the biggest Muslim empire of the late XII - early XIII cc., Kunya-Urgench was the largest city on the northern branch of the Silk Road....

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Monuments of Kunya-Urgench

Monuments of Kunya-Urgench

The Mausoleum of Turabeg Khanum has an imposing south facing portal, some 25m high. Behind this is a domed lobby, with a spiral staircase (locked to visitors) to the right. The main chamber...

Anau Mosque

40 minutes by car south east of Ashgabat. This site includes the remains of the ancient settlement of Anau-Depe and fortress of “Gatar”. The name Annau derives “Abi-Nau” "new water" from Persian....

Seyit Jamal-ad-Din mosque

Medieval complex of Seyit Jamal-ad-Din including mosque and mausoleum is located near Anau (Änew) in a few kilometers east of Ashgabat in Turkmenistan.

Margush-Margiana-Gonur Depe

The first agricultural settlements appeared in the delta of Murgab River as back as 7 millennium BC. Fertile silt coming from mountains, abundance of water and moderate climate had created...

Dayahatyn Caravanserai

Dayahatyn, also known as Dayakhatyn or Daya-khatyn (referred to as Bai Khatyn in folk), is a medieval caravanserai located on the left bank of the Amu Darya River approximately 170 km northwest of the city of Turkmenabat.


Parz-Depe or Parzdepe is the ancient settlement on the territory of present Turkmenistan located in 12 km North-West from walls of athother historical site of New Nisa.

Tagta-bazaar - Ekedeshik Cave Town

Yekedeshik is a State historical and architectural reserve, located 225 kilometers from Bairam-Ali in the district of Tagta-Bazar. Tahta-Bazar is a district where once passed great caravan routes from Iran, Khorasan.

Namazga Depe

In the center of Kahka region, about 7 kilometers to the west, occupying a vast territory (70 ha) , the architectural monument Namazga depe is located. People inhabited this area already in the III millennium BC...

Nedir Shakh Fortress

The Nedir Shakh fortress was built by Nedir-Shah’s order in the 18-th century. The fortress was surrounded by moat. The southern wall...

Murche Site

A mystical place of legends and deities Murche, located 118km to the west of Ashgabat, is an ancient village in the foothills of the Kopetdag Mountains filled with ancient ruins, mysticism, and deities...

Meane Baba Mausoleum

The prophetic and scholarly abilities of Abu Said were never doubted. His contemporaries even developed a unique way of divination based on his quatrains...


Dekhistan is considered the most important medieval oasis of south-west Turkmenistan. Here once was located the City of Misrian which reached its maximum...

Altyn Depe (Altyn Tepe)

The Altyn Depe (also Altyn Tepe, which means "Golden Hill") fortress dates back to the III - the beginning of the II millennium BC. It was connected with the formation of proto-town civilization.