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We began organizing Turkmenistan tours in 1996 with the mission of introducing the unique culture, ancient civilizations and stunning natural beauty of our country to visitors from all over the world. Over that time we have helped thousands travelers enjoy an experience that will forever remain in their heart.
We operate not only in Turkmenistan, but also in all neighboring countries of Central Asia providing tours offering cultural, archaeological, historical, ethnographic and adventure tours discovering the gems of the region for our customers.
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After a series of TV programmes about tourism and travel, spectators of the Italian TV channel «Rai Tre» voted Turkmenistan as the best travel destination in the «history» category. They suggest that Turkmenistan is very rich in extraordinary historic sites, dating from as early as the Bronze Age (Altyn Depe and Margiana) through the Iron Age and the Hellenistic era, which began there after the campaigns of Alexander the Great, to Parthian period Old Nisa and numerous priceless monuments of the Medieval period especially in Kunya-Urgench.
Subscribers of the channel admitted that Turkmenistan really is a treasury of Silk Road relics, capable to satisfy the tastes of the most sophisticated history explorers.
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Karakum Desert

The Karakum Desert occupies the area of about 35 million ha, or more than 80% of the whole territory of Turkmenistan. According to its geological and natural conditions, the Karakum (Garagum)...

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Darvaza gas crater

Darvaza gas crater is located in the Central part of the Karakum desert / 260 km from Ashgabat to the North West. On the way to Darvaza crater (also called “The door to Hell”) one can admire the...

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Ancient Merv

The biggest archaeological site in Central Asia, Merv played an important part in the versatile Silk Road exchange for more than 2 000 years. Within the limits of the archaeological park, which is...

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