Elegance and Beauty of Ahalteke Horses

Elegance and Beauty of Ahalteke Horses

Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of splendor and grace at the Ahalteke Equestrian Complex, a true gem of Turkmenistan. Situated just 30 km from Ashgabat and 5 km from recently opened Arkadag city, the new capital of the Ahal region, this 200-hectare complex seamlessly blends luxury and functionality, offering the perfect environment for purebred horses.

At the heart of the complex lies the racing tracks, spanning 2,000 and 1,800 meters, respectively, designed to showcase the best of the best. Within its walls, a cozy circus with 500 seats hosts mesmerizing performances by skilled equestrians, while nearby, captivating equestrian games unfold against the backdrop of the 800-seat arena, complete with open and covered competition fields. Famous equestrian group “Galkynysh” is also located in this complex.

Elegance and Beauty of Ahalteke Horses

Behind the scenes, vital facilities are meticulously organized, including 10 stables, 5 comfortable lodgings for jockeys and caretakers, a quarantine section for 20 horses, a scientific laboratory, and even a training pool for these graceful creatures. Not to be forgotten are the garage, workshop, forge, and barns that ensure the highest level of care and attention.

The allure of the place goes beyond its infrastructure. A museum serves as treasure troves of knowledge about genealogy and the unique qualities of purebred horses. The eclectic collection of books and models unveils the world of these magnificent beings.

Elegance and Beauty of Ahalteke Horses

Over 700 proud representatives of the Ahalteke breed transform the complex into a magical realm. Among them are three Arabian stallions. These aristocrats of the equine world take part in festive races, celebrating Independence Day and the Day of the Ahalteke Horse.

And what represents by themselves the Ahaltekes – standing at an average height of 165 cm and weighing 450-500 kg – embody the nation’s pride and spirit. Their distinct markings, whether on the forehead or the shins, serve as nature’s signature on a work of art.

Elegance and Beauty of Ahalteke Horses

Ahalteke Horses live long lives – averaging 20 years – but with proper care and affection, they can thrive for up to 30 years. Legends abound here too. The renowned steed Yanardag graced the world for 32 years. Presently, a veteran of 22 years resides in the complex, answering to the name Nurana which means “Shiny”.

These horses are not merely animals; they are friends, companions, and an integral part of the human soul. Their care begins from the moment they are born. Among the fascinating customs is the naming of foals, combining the initials of the sire and dam’s names. For instance, “Goşgy” is the offspring of “Garaşsyz” and “Dumanly”.

Elegance and Beauty of Ahalteke Horses

The magic of birth imbues foals with dark shades that gradually transform over the course of a year. Genetics, like an artist, paints its own enchanting masterpiece.

And lastly, a vital skill – mounting a horse. Approach with respect, from the left side, facing the tail. Step into the stirrup with your left foot and elegantly settle in. Remember, attentiveness is the key to harmonious interaction.

So, welcome to the Ahalteke Equestrian Complex – a journey into the world of beauty, passion, and unity with horses that, like mystical creatures, unite hearts across the vast expanse of Turkmenistan.

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