The word ‘Velosiped,’ in English ‘bicycle,’ comes from the Latin words meaning ‘fast leg.’ Nowadays, the fast ‘metal horse’ symbolizes eco-friendly transportation and a healthy, active lifestyle.

In Ashgabat, there is the ‘Bicycle’ monument at Chandybil and Bekreve avenues, dedicated to humanity’s two-wheeled companion.

This monument signifies the connection of times in the heart of the Great Silk Road. It represents the country’s rich history and international contributions, particularly in physical exercise and sports.

The sculpture incorporates olive branches to symbolize Turkmenistan’s neutrality. Cyclist figures adorn the monument, and below them, a number of gilded Akhal-Teke horses are depicted mid-leap. Every year, thousands start a mass bike ride from this iconic spot in the white marble capital of Turkmenistan.