The fountain complex “Oguzhan and sons” (Turkm. “Oguzhan we ogullar”) can take you to the amazing historical world. This is the symbol of Turkmenistan and the largest fountain complex in the world. The fountain is located in the center of a major road junction at the entrance to Ashgabat International Airport. In 2010, the Oguzhan and Sons Fountain Complex entered the Guinness Book of Records as uniting the largest number of fountains in a public place. From a technical point of view, the fountain is very interesting in that its RGB backlight works at night thanks to the electricity accumulated during the day through solar panels.

In the middle of a 12-petal flower on a pedestal 16 meters high, Oguz Khan, the ancestor of the Turkmen people, sits on horseback. From the central composition, water falls in cascades into six bowls located around, inside which sculptures of six sons rise on pedestals: Gun-Khan (Lord of the Sun), Ai-Khan (Lord of the Moon), Yildiz-Khan (Lord of the Star), Gek-Khan (lord of the sky), Dag Khan (lord of the mountains) and Dengiz Khan (lord of the sea). A creative team led by People’s Artist of Turkmenistan Babasary Annamuradov worked on the creation of the monumental composition. As conceived by the authors of the sculptural composition, it symbolizes the peacefulness of the Turkmen people, their indestructible unity and cohesion, and at the same time the creative spirit and power of modern Turkmenistan.

This stunning creation symbolizes Turkmenistan’s unity, peace, and creativity. Don’t miss your chance to witness this world record holder and experience the beauty of modern Turkmenistan!