In the center of Kahka region, about 7 kilometers to the west, occupying a vast territory (70 ha) , the architectural monument Namazga depe is located. People inhabited this area already in the III millennium BC. At that time the town had 10 000 inhabitants. First archeological excavations took place here in 1930-1940. Masson named the culture of this area Namazga culture. Nam Sufism school and philosopher Abu Said lbn Makneye. Its double dome s was very typical for the architecture of that period of time. In the 15th century the building was partly renovated.

The interior and exterior of the mausoleum are decorated with Arabic inscriptions and the portal is laced with mosaics. Abu-Said Mackneyi was born in 968 and died in 1049. When he was 12 years old he could read by heart three thousand lines in the Arabic language. His father’s name was Ibrayim. He owned a perfume shop and paid a big attention to his son’s education. Abu Said studied in Mary and gained his education from famous people of that period Abu Zahir and Abul-Fazil. There are lots of amusing stories about Abu Said’s life experience. Once when Abu Said was at the mosque in Nishapur, the famous scientist Abu-Ali lbn Sina entered the mosque and joined praying people. They met each other and had conversation, lasted for three days. When Abu Said was about to leave one person stopped him and asked “How did you found lbn Sina”? He answered “lbn Sina knows everything”. When the same question they asked lbn Sin, he answered “Abu Said knows everything that I know”.