Sarahs - oasis city of the ancient Silk Road
Sarahs is an oasis city in the Ahal velayat (province) of Turkmenistan, the administrative center of the Sarahs etrap (district). In the early Middle Ages, it was one of the oases of the ancient Silk Road, lying between Mashhad in the west and Merv in the east.
Turkmenistan Flag
The flag of Turkmenistan is one of the symbols of the country. The modern version of the flag was approved on September 27, 1992, a year after independence. Leading artists, designers and creative teams took part in the development of the flag project. Subsequently, minor modifications were made to it.
Abiverd or Abiward
Abiverd, also known as Abiward or Abi-ward, was an important ancient Sassanian city in the Ahal velayat (province) of modern-day Turkmenistan.
Turkmenbashi is the administrative centre of the Balkan region 560 km west from Ashgabat. It is the biggest port town with a very hospitable population of 60,000 people.
Amu Darya
The Amu Darya is the largest river in Turkmenistan and Central Asia. It is the most significant source of water for irrigation in the region. In the recent past, the Amu Darya flowed into the Aral Sea. At the moment, its water is almost completely used for agricultural needs.
Paraw Bibi Shrine
This Paraw Bibi Shrine is one of the most impressive and popular sites of pilgrimage in the country. It is located in western Turkmenistan approximately 20 kilometers northwest of Gizilarbat in the village of Paraw.