The Damla village is one of the furthest Yomud and Teke turkmen tribes in the heart of the Karakum desert. Far off the main road, flat roof villages and yurts found in almost every household characterize this breathtaking place. You can witness simple and beautiful nomadic traditions, throwing the rare visitor back in time. In order to reach the small settlement one has to cross into the Northern Karakum and traverse the Uzboy – the former riverbed of the Amudarya River.

The demanding track across the dunes and salt marshes is a challenge for even the most experienced driver with a refreshing stop at the Bekuri Oasis halfway. This venture gives the Silk Road explorer a genuine impression of what travel and life in the desert has always meant its nomadic inhabitants. Damla village is some 5 hours off-road from the main Ashgabat-Dashogus highway and can be visited on a two-day trek from Ashgabat spending the night in tents or with the nomad families.