Looking at this area on the map of Turkmenistan, one can think that there is absolutely nothing there. But being courageous enough to embark on an overland journey across this land of endless salt-covered steppe, explorers stand a chance to be gratified for persistence with almost extraterrestrial landscapes of Yangy Kala and Yangysuv.

During the spring we can also look out for turtles, riding a bumpy road to a place where you will see spectacular canyons Yangy Kala. Also known as the ‘Grand Canyons of Central Asia’ Yangikala means “fiery fortress”, which consists of white, pink and orange limestone formations, stunning vistas, and the fascinating ‘crocodile’s mouth’ rock formation; so amazing that we cannot break away from their sight, and the landscape situated beneath our feet.

This geological phenomenon that we see here is only found in a few places of the world. Sometimes you can find here the shells from the days when there was a sea shore in the warm Gulf Garabogazgol and the Caspian Sea. From the heart of the canyon we can go to Gozli Ata a bigger center of pilgrimage and another place of pilgrimage and the mausoleum of Kemal Ata, located at the source of local stream that carved the interesting round shaped rock formations.