• Karakum Caravan: New Year's Voyage in Turkmenistan
  • Darvaza Gas Crater - The Door To Hell

Travelers must carry vaccination certificates.

The PCR test is taken at the airport or border crossing units ($41-$44 is paid for express tests by travelers). Travelers with negative results are allowed to proceed further to obtain a visa stamp. The tests may be canceled by the end of 2023.

The cost of a visa depends on the citizenship of the passport holder, between $50 and $150.

The following is required to obtain the LOI (letter of invitation):

  1. To confirm the final itinerary (travel dates, ports of entry/departure, detailed sightseeing)
  2. To complete the LOI application form (we send you by email)
  3. To provide a colored scan of the passport (photo page with all details and photo must be clearly visible)
  4. To provide a scan of a colored passport-type photo (3×4)
  5. To provide a scan of the vaccination certificate

The LOI is required to apply for a visa at the Turkmenistan embassy/or consulate worldwide by yourself or visa upon arrival at the airport/border (fees are different for different nationalities and paid in USD cash only).