Hiking in the mountains is a joyful and healthy adventure. If you are in Ashgabad you can try the “Walk of Health”, a 36-km concrete trail along Kopet Dag’s picturesque slopes. More comforts are added there every year, making it a great destination.

Mountains are not just awe-inspiring; they’re also great for your health. Mountain air improves well-being, boosts the immune system, and gives you energy. The secret? At higher altitudes, air has less oxygen, and that’s good for us!

Explore the stunning Kopetdag Mountains, with their steep canyons and high plateaus. They’re home to over 1700 plant species, making it Central Asia’s most diverse collection. It’s like a mix of Mediterranean and local plants!


The first 8 km (5.0 mi) of the “Walk of Health” were built in 1999 by the first president of Turkmenistan, Saparmurat Niyazov, with the aim of encouraging citizens to be healthy. The official opening of the route took place on January 2, 2000.

In mid-2000, the footpath was extended by a further 26 km (16 mi). On August 30, 2004, more than 10 000 people walked along the path, including members of the government of Turkmenistan. The trail was reconstructed in the 2010s, bringing its total length to 36 km (22 mi).

Current state

These days the concrete path is divided into two parts. The first part is called the “Leader’s Trail” and is 8 km (5.0 mi) long. The second part is called the “Serdar Trail”, its length is 28 km. The beginning of the Health Alley is marked by an arch in the Serdar health park.

From its starting points, the “Leader’s Trail” runs northwest and ends on the Kopetdag Highway south of Nisa, while the “Serdar Trail” runs generally southeast and ends at the Government Tribune complex on the Gökdepe Highway south of Ashgabat .

Since there are no trees in the mountain range to provide shade, it is difficult to follow the entire trail for most of the year. There are metal fences on both sides of the trail, as well as street lights that illuminate the path at night.

The path is decorated with numerous statues and sculptures, and rest areas are located every kilometer. The highest point of the trail is 1 293 meters (4 242 ft) above sea level and is marked by a flagpole bearing the flag of Turkmenistan.