Sarahs - oasis city of the ancient Silk Road
Sarahs is an oasis city in the Ahal velayat (province) of Turkmenistan, the administrative center of the Sarahs etrap (district). In the early Middle Ages, it was one of the oases of the ancient Silk Road, lying between Mashhad in the west and Merv in the east.
Abiverd or Abiward
Abiverd, also known as Abiward or Abi-ward, was an important ancient Sassanian city in the Ahal velayat (province) of modern-day Turkmenistan.
Ovliya - "sacred" places in Turkmenistan
vliya (from Turkmen, Arabic auliya' - "saints") is the most common name for "sacred" places in Turkmenistan. There are at least 700 "sacred" places in the country, from twenty to thirty or more in each of its etraps (districts).
Turkmenistan Merv
The State Historical and Cultural Park “Ancient Merv” is the oldest and most completely preserved of the oasis cities along the Silk Roads in Central Asia. It is located in the territory of Mary velayat of Turkmenistan. It has supported a series of urban centres since the 3rd millennium BC and played an important role […]