The story of Görogly
When a boy is born into a Turkmen family, they say: "Görogly yasyny yasasyn!" which translates to "May he live as long as Görogly". Do you have a similar wish or saying in your culture?
Novruz Spring Holiday in Turkmenistan
The National Spring Holiday – the International Day of Novruz is celebrated in Turkmenistan with vibrant folklore and ethnical performances, traditional songs and dances, cooking of the national cuisine dishes.
Turkmenistan Flag
The flag of Turkmenistan is one of the symbols of the country. The modern version of the flag was approved on September 27, 1992, a year after independence. Leading artists, designers and creative teams took part in the development of the flag project. Subsequently, minor modifications were made to it.
Paraw Bibi Shrine
This Paraw Bibi Shrine is one of the most impressive and popular sites of pilgrimage in the country. It is located in western Turkmenistan approximately 20 kilometers northwest of Gizilarbat in the village of Paraw.
The legend of Kyrkgyz Cave
The famous cave-grotto "Kyrkgyz" ("Forty Girls"), the vault of which is decorated with a huge number of colorful ribbons, each of which is someone's innermost desire.
Red dress in Turkmen culture
According to Turkmen legend, the red dress has a special significance in the culture. The story goes that long ago, there was a beautiful young Turkmen girl who lived in a village. She was known for her stunning red dress that she wore every day. One day, a powerful and wealthy sultan came to the […]